The Principal: Head of the College/Centre

  • Approval of Quality Assurance System
  • Management Review
  • Responsible for managing the finance of the Centre
  • Approval of new programme of Studies
  • Managing teachers and quality of teaching
  • Delegating power to assessors and other members of staff
  • Approval of Staff Training

Director of Studies

  • Overall management of the academic programme and the teaching team
  • Ensuring that a high quality programme is delivered, following our guidelines closely
  • Ensuring that lessons and activities are integrated, following syllabus and guidelines
  • Safety and welfare of all students at all times
  • To lead on curriculum strategy, both in relation to national policy and local and partnership needs
  • In consultation with the Principal, determining the number of course groups which operate
  • Leading Programme Team Managers/Leaders as they make their staffing arrangements.
  • Liaison with external awarding bodies
  • To lead on arrangements for student assessment, monitoring and review
  • Working with the Academic Quality Coordinator, to maintain detailed analysis of student achievements and to prepare results for presentations and publications as necessary

College Administrator/Admission Officer

  • Student Recruitment and Admission
  • Enquiry from prospective students
  • Advertisement and publicity
  • Offer of Admission
  • Equal Opportunity in student recruitment process
  • Student Guidance and learner Support
  • Students’ Induction
  • Communication with Students


  • Daily operation of the Library and the supervision of the staff.
  • Implement the collection development process.
  • Provide reference and circulation services as needed.
  • Assume primary responsibility for cataloguing print and non-print materials.
  • Maintain records and statistics and submit reports as required.
  • Assist in the preparation of the Library budget.
  • Provide bibliographic instruction upon request.

External Examiner

External verifiers are appointed by awarding bodies to monitor the work of approved centres to ensure  the  quality  of  assessments  and  confirm  that  verification  is  meeting  National  Standards. External verifiers will sample a proportion of assessments and monitor the systems of the training centre.

Programme Managers:
Programme managers are required to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop new courses
  • Supervise departmental work
  • Report to the Principal on departmental matters
  • Help in ensuring that the quality system is maintained in his section
  • Conduct departmental meetings
  • Register students with Awarding Bodies
  • Ensure that invoices are paid to awarding bodies
  • Ensure that assessment is carried out by qualified staff/tutor
  • Participate in the centre management meeting and contribute to centre continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that the centre Equal Opportunity Policy is effective and working within his/her section
  • Gives necessary training to members staff on assessment procedures
  • Ensure that all assessors understand their record keeping responsibilities
  • Arrange for secure environment where examination papers, coursework, projects are to be kept
  • Ensure that students sit for their examinations in accordance with Awarding bodies’ regulations
  • Ensure that certificates are issued out to the right candidates
  • Ensure that qualified invigilators are used in all examinations


The following are the tasks to be performed by assessors

  • Advising candidates on the importance of assessment
  • Discuss and agree with candidates on the assessment formula to be used
  • Make candidates to be aware of their responsibilities for assessment
  • Adhere to assessment policy of the awarding bodies
  • Visit learners in their work/placement to observe learner’s performance or work
  • Ensure that works provided by candidates are original, genuine and authentic
  • Make a record of assessment decisions and achievement records

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