The Health & Safety of all persons within the LSC community and those who come in contact or are affected by the College is of prime importance to the LSC Board of Directors and Management.


This LSC health and safety policy is necessary in order to provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for staff, students and all our visitors. It is the College’s policy to encourage, where practicable, the co-operation of all staff by discussion and consultation with them (and their representatives) in promoting and developing measures to ensure health and safety at work and to check the effectiveness of those measures.


Members of staff are required to take responsibility for their actions and to report any aspects that present a risk to LSC management. LSC is committed to ensure that Health and Safety is considered in all aspects of the college activities. This ensures, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all persons whether directly employed or otherwise are not exposed to risks to their Health and Safety.



The five main objectives of this policy to minimise potential injuries are:

1. The undertaking of Risk Assessments

2. The maintenance of a Health & Safety system

3. The training of staff in Health & Safety issues

4. The safe storage of COSHH items

5. Prevention



The following are broad guidelines as how this will be achieved:

·        Document all Health & Safety Procedures

·        Communicate these procedures appropriately to staff, students and visitors

·        Maintain correct records

·        Monitor Health and Safety issues

·        Ensure quality staff training of both Health & Safety and Fire Security

·        Ensure safeguarding and safe recruitment procedures are in place and adhered to

·        The carrying out of Health & Safety Risk Assessments

·        The carryout out of Fire Security Risk Assessments

·        Ensure maintenance of equipment

·        Ensure compliance with regulations including RIDDOR reporting and through review, learn from such issues



The standard of Health & Safety is dependent on the responsibility of the many rather than the few. Through training staff and students must be made aware of how possibly thoughtless actions can detrimentally affect others. It is therefore important to keep Health & Safety visible amongst the many other issues that dictate the responses of college life.

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