Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions Procedure

1.       Introduction


1.1   The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process for making a complaint or for giving a compliment regarding any aspect of our service. We aim to provide a prompt, courteous, fair and helpful service which meets internal and external quality standards. If we fail to do so we want to know this straightaway so that we can find out what has gone wrong, correct this and learn from the lesson so that mistakes are not repeated.


1.2   If you make a complaint, we will treat you with respect in our investigations of the complaint and in our proposed solutions to rectify any aspects of our service that cause you to be dissatisfied


1.3   We recognise that you may be feeling very aggrieved if you have cause to complain and that this may lead to feelings of anger, however we ask that you respect our members of staff and afford them the same level of courtesy that we expect from them when dealing with your complaint


1.4   We are committed to continuously improving our service and we welcome your feedback particularly where we have surpassed your expectations.  In addition we welcome your suggestions with regard to how we might improve our service.


1.5   This procedure sets out the way in which you can communicate your views to LSC.  It clarifies how those views will be dealt with and how we will respond to you in return.


2.       Procedure


2.1   Our Aim


2.1.1          We aim to reassure you that your comment, compliment or complaint is being dealt with efficiently and fairly

2.1.2          We aim to provide a straightforward and consistent way for you to make representation to LSC offering a prompt and speedy resolution to complaints


2.1.3          We aim to use complaints positively by taking the necessary action to maintain and improve the LSC services



2.2   Types of Complaint

2.2.1. There are a number of reasons why our customers may have reason to complain.  Examples of reasons complaints are provided in the following points.  This should not be considered to be an exhaustive list.  If something is causing you concern or dissatisfaction then we want to know.

2.2. You may feel aggrieved if:

ü  We have delayed, made mistakes in or failed to follow a procedure

ü  We have failed to consider relevant matters in coming to a decision regarding your use of our service

ü  We have failed to give you correct advice or information

ü  One of our employees has behaved in an inappropriate manner

ü  We have provided a poor quality service

ü  Shown any bias or unfair discrimination


2.2.3. There are occasionally matters which need to be dealt with but which will not be  considered a complaint for the purposes of this procedure.  Every attempt will be made to resolve those issues. Those matters may include, but not be limited to:

ü  Criticism of or disagreement with LSC’s published policies and procedures and of any that are outside of LSC’s scope of control

ü  Complaints against individual employees where no other basis for complaint exists other than the individual having implemented or made a decision based on LSC’s  stated policies and procedures

2.2.4. Where a complaint relates to an activity which may be considered to be contrary to Legislation, LSC will follow the procedures laid out by the appropriate Authority covering that area

2.3. Making a Complaint

2.3.1. Itis felt that the majority of complaints can be resolved informally and so, in the first instance, it is advisable to approach your normal point of contact within LSC with yourcomplaint. Shouldyour complaint remain unresolved then you should follow the formal procedure as outlined below.

2.3.2. Stage 1: In the event that your complaint can not be informally resolved then you may make your complaint formally in a number of ways:

ü  You can contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ü  You can write to us addressing your complaint to the Quality Assurance and Curriculum Manager at  Astra House, 23 -25 Arklow Road, London SE14 6EB

ü  You can contact us by telephone, from the numbers available on our website

ü  You can complain in person by visiting  the local delivery centre of LSC

   2.3.3. In order for us to investigate and respond to your complaint it is important to include in your communication:

ü  What happened

ü  What it happened

ü  Who dealt with you

ü  What you would like us to do to put it right

2.3.4. We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of us receiving the details of your complaint. Your complaint will be directed to the relevant members of staff for investigation and for response.  We will endeavour to provide you a response within 15 working days, dependent on the nature of the complaint

2.3.5. If we are unable to meet the timescales set out within this procedure we will notify you of that fact, explain why it has not been possible to respond and the timescale within which we will respond

2.3.6. Stage 2: If you are unsatisfied with the response to the complaint at Stage 1 you are entitled to make an appeal to the Principal.  This complaint should be made in writing either through email or letter to the Principal.

2.3.7. Stage 3: If you are unsatisfied with the response to the complaint at Stage 2 you are entitled to make an appeal to the Trustees.  This complaint should be made in writing either through email or letter to London School of Careers.

2.3.8. The outcome of the investigation at Stage 3 will be considered to be the final outcome which it is hoped will fully resolve any issues that have not been resolved during previous stages.


2.4. Making a Comment or Compliment

2.4.1. As well as dealing with complaints, we also want to know if you have any suggestions or comments about LSC and its service provision

2.4.2. We want to positively encourage you to put forward your views, good or bad, so that we can learn from them and use them to guide improvements to our services

2.4.3. Your comments and compliments can made formally to the Principalusing the same process as outlined for a complaint

2.4.4. The Principal will ensure that the information is passed to the relevant member of staff.

2.5. Your Rights - You are entitled to:

2.5.1. A full and impartial investigation of the complaint

2.5.2. A response within the time limits described above or an explanation with regard to why it is not possible to respond within the set timescale.

2.5.3. A full written response to the complaint or subsequent appeal within stages 2 and 3

2.5.4. If the complaint is justified LSC will work with you to identify an appropriate remedy

        Complaints Procedure Flow Chart

        Informal Process













Stage 1


























Stage 2






















Stage 3








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