To provide guidelines for London School Of Careers on minimum student attainment and attendance requirements for international students enrolled in London School Of Careers programmes. To enable London School Of Careers to monitor student academic progress and attendance progress. To develop a robust reporting system that would enable London School Of Careers to report students who fail to meet with their visa conditions.



Under the UK Immigration Law, Education Providers must have processes in place to ensure that international students are maintaining their programme requirements and, to follow up in the event that a student ceases attendance before programme completion date, or does not turn up in the school after arrival in the UK. London School Of Careers is also committed to the wellbeing and success of its international students where teaching staff will closely monitor the progress and attendance of each student through a process of observation and enquiry.

Statutory Compliance

London School Of Careers has adopted a Code of Practice as laid down by the Immigration authority and the Accreditation Agency on the pastoral care of international students as contained in the Home Office document.


National Guidelines



The Home Office stipulates that educational providers provide an assurance that the educational provider is confident that the student is capable of doing the particular course of study and, it involves a pledge from the sponsoring education provider that it will accept responsibility for the student whilst he/she is in the UK.



 International students who do not pass at least 80% of the courses in their programme of study can be given no more than one opportunity to re-enrol in the programme.







Procedures and Guidelines



1. LSC will publish their individual attendance and attainment requirements for international students in the Student Handbook or, produce a handout for inclusion in the international student admission process.


2. LSC would remind all international students and have explained to them the college policies and programme requirements during orientation and at commencement of programme.


3. When a student's attendance or attainment level has dropped to the required minimum depending on the circumstances, a first written warning is issued from the School reminding the student of their obligations and contract with the LSC. If after a period of time (usually 14 days) a final letter of warning  is activated requesting the student to meet with the Principal within a short period of time, usually five days. At this point, either the student enters into a signed agreement or, the Principal may decide to recommend that the college commence proceedings to terminate the enrolment. This would usually be the case if the student does not attend the requested meeting.


4. Termination of enrolment procedures commence upon the recommendation of the College. After investigation a withdrawal form is completed and signed by the college and the Home Office would be notified immediately.


5. The Principal has delegated authority to inform the Home Office of the college’s decision to terminate a student enrolment.




1. LSC has the responsibility of acting pro-actively when the first signs of poor attendance, assignments not handed in on time or a poor level of attainment is obvious. We would act immediately rather than allow it to continue. We would commence with a formal or informal process of monitoring and consulting with the student in order to have it resolved immediately. Professional staff from appropriate support units may be consulted and teaching staff must make every effort to resolve the situation and ensure the necessary support is provided.


2. LSC will advise the Student if the pattern continues or as they see appropriate. The Principal or Programme Leader can implement a programme of communication with the student including house visits and warning correspondence.


3. A weekly reporting process to the Principal of Programme leader could be implemented until the pattern or situation is resolved.


4. Where a student with a history of poor attendance or attainment returns to study after a semester break of beginning of an academic year, we would ensure that the student signs a declaration prior to class commencement.


5. Our administrative staffs are also encouraged to be proactive and work closely with academic staff to ensure students are supported and assisted with these issues rather than have enrolments terminated.


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