LSC will:


ü  Ensure that where required by an Awarding Body, their assignments are used.


ü  Ensure that assignments written by LSC meet with the requirements of the Awarding Body.


ü  Moderate all substantive assignments briefs prior to the release to learners; particular care will be taken to ensure assignments align with the spirit of the equal opportunities policy and as such are free from bias.



ü  Include where necessary, clear; concise information regarding grading criteria.


ü  Where requested, make available assignment briefs in large font text or audio transcript.



ü  Provide learners with access to the Assessment Appeals Policy and related Procedure.


ü  Provide learners with access to the Policy and Procedure documents in regard to misconduct relating to falsification of work etc.


ü  Provide constructive feedback to learners on their work in a timely fashion in line with the Awarding Body requirements.


ü  Moderate a 25% sample of students work to ensure the validity and quality of tutor feedback.



ü  Accurately record assessment decisions and final grades.

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