1.       Introduction

1.1   LSC Assessment Appeals Procedure is intended to help you if you feel that an assessment decision awarded you is unfair.   The procedure only applies to assessment awarded by staff employed in the delivery of LSC programmes.   Appeals relating to public examinations are regulated by the relevant awarding body.   Your tutor will advise you if you feel you have been unfairly treated in external assessments

1.2   The procedure that follows sets out the steps that you should follow in the event of a problem and indicates the timescale within which you should act.  It is in your best interests to raise your concerns as soon as possible


2.       Procedure

Stage One

If you disagree with the assessment awarded to you, you should discuss the issue with the tutor responsible within seven days of receiving the assessment decision.   If you have been unable to resolve the issue you should move to Stage Two.


Stage Two

You will now need to take the matter to the Head of Programme for the course who will discuss your view with you and liaise with your tutor.  If the matter relates to the IV’s assessment decision or if the matter is still unresolved you should proceed to Stage Three


Stage Three

At this point the Assessment appeals procedure becomes more formal.   You need to put your appeal in writing to the Principal no later than 21 days after you received the original assessment decision.   You should submit copies of all evidence relating to the assessed work and explain in detail the circumstances leading to the appeal


Stage Four

Upon receipt of the form the Principal or nominee will ensure that the appeal is dealt with in line with Awarding Body Policy.


In the case of competence based programmes your appeal will be processed by the Internal Verifier for the programme who will try to resolve the issue.  If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, the matter would be referred to the External Verifier.  Your final step in this type of programme is to appeal directly in writing to the Awarding Body


In the case of non-competence based programmes the formal appeal form will be processed by the principal who will convene an assessment panel to consider your appeal within 10 working days of receiving your appeal.  The panel will meet within ten working days of receiving your request. The panel will comprise of two people who have not been involved in the appeals process to date. You will be invited to attend at the beginning of the meeting to outline your case. You will then be asked to leave the meeting.   The tutor responsible for assessing the work will also be invited to comment on why that particular assessment was awarded and likewise they will be asked to leave the room.  The panel will then consider the assessed work and reach a final decision.  The decision will be sent to you in writing within three working days of the Appeals Panel meeting.  The decision of the Appeals Panel is final.

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