1. Scope of Policy


This policy and supporting procedures will apply to admissions to all programmes of London School of Careers.


2. Rationale


London School of Careersis committed to supporting the education and training of the learners, employers and employees it is contracted to serve. As part of this commitment, London School of Careersoperate admissions in line with Home office requirements and procedures and which seek to eliminate barriers to access through provision of high quality advice and guidance.


3. Core Principles


ü  Provide clear and effective information about all London School of Careers programmes to ensure that learners make informed and appropriate choices

ü  Provide learners with access to detailed information about learning programmes, including entry criteria, programme content, assessment, specific programme requirements and progression/career opportunities as well as cost, fees and charges

ü  Provide effective advice and guidance services to underpin the admissions process,

ü  Ensure that, where a learner’s preferred programme is not available, or appropriate, the learner is given advice about other institutions which may be able to provide a suitable programme

ü  Agree and publish clear procedures for all aspects of the admissions process.


4. Conditions


4.1          Applicants to London School of Careers study programmes will be required to meet the entry and other requirements for the programme, including those directed by UK law, examining or validating bodies and third party partner organisations.


4.2          Where a programme is oversubscribed, there will be clear and objective criteria for admissions.


4.3          Applicants or their employer will agree to pay programme expenses. They will be advised of costs and charges prior to enrolment (please refer to the bookings and cancellations terms and agreements).


4.4          London School of Careersreserves the right to seek further or relevant information about a learner. Applicants will only be admitted if they agree to London School of Careers seeking, in certain circumstances, such necessary information. We may in certain situations prohibit admissions from the information gained.


4.5          London School of Careerswelcomes applications from learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. However, in specific circumstances a learning difficulty or disability may prevent a learner from enrolling on a specific programme. In such cases London School of Careerswill provide advice and guidance in finding an alternative programme of study. London School of Careerswill make reasonable adjustments to ensure support for any applicant with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to assist them in the admission and enrolment process and in the progression and completion of their studies.


4.6          Applicants age requirement will be determined by the programme(s) to which they are seeking enrolment.





5. Appeals procedure


Applicants who wish to appeal against a decision made regarding admission to any London School of Careersprogramme will have a right of appeal.


6. Quality


London School of Careerswill agree and publish clear quality standards for the recruitment and selection procedure. The quality standards will be monitored and reviewed annually and modified where necessary.


7. Resources


London School of Careerswill ensure that within available resources, adequate staffing and equipment is available and deployed to provide admission process to standards agreed within this policy framework.


8. Information


London School of Careerswill ensure that information about its admission arrangement is widely available. All information will be reviewed and updated annually.


9. Equal opportunities

London School of Careerswill ensure that its admission arrangement operate within the spirit and letter of its Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.

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