London School of Careers will be at the forefront of making a cost effective British Higher Education available to genuine students the world over; to prepare students for the real workplace in a rapidly changing, interconnected global environment.


It is the mission of London School of Careers to be a premier London college offering a variety of academic courses that provide culturally diverse students with the means to achieve success in their academic as well as in their personal lives. This will be achieved by motivating and supporting students in their pursuit of knowledge, and providing them with quality education and academic excellence

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London School of Careers is situated in the heart of lively London, yet it offers a peaceful space for study and personal growth. London School of Careers is a small, student centric learning organization and we strive to create a culture where our staff will work alongside students to build an institution that all can be proud to be associated with. The College offers stimulating Business, courses ranging from a pathway to a degree at Level 4-5 through to Post graduate Degrees at Level 7. The course portfolio focuses on future employability in the business world and enriching lives through knowledge and friendships formed while learning alongside people representing a rich blend of global cultures. Students are welcome from South America, Asia and Africa and Europe.

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